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GEOSNAIL company invested in a specific type of snail, the Helix Aspersa Müller which is the most widespread one worldwide. Initially, GEOSNAIL company intends to specialize over one snail species and after that intends to develop over other snail species (such as Helix Aspersa Maxima, Helix Pomatia, Helix Lucorum), according to the progress of its experiences, but also to the conditions of the global snail market.

The snails inside the farm units are reared with a single efficient and natural method, resulting in their maturity as a whole in the same possible time period. In parallel, the conditions of the snails' living are under control, from rearing point of view, and also from temperature and humidity, in order to avoid any health problems throughout their maturity. This effective snail farming system of GEOSNAIL company is certified with the global ISO 22000-2005 (HACCP) standards which they give prominence to the product quality of the company.

The time period of snail farming lasts about 6 months every year. The rearing season starts in March or April and ends in September or October, according to the weather conditions. The feed for the snails consists of different plants that grow inside the farms (such as clover), but also with certified feed that GEOSNAIL company supplies from French companies, specialized in this field. After the maturity, the procedures of harvest, selection, drying and packaging last about one month. With this method, the yearly cycle of snail rearing is completed approximately in October and thus GEOSNAIL company arranges the transportation of the goods to its customers.
Besides the snail rearing cycle, after its first year operation, GEOSNAIL company will start the snail reproduction cycle so that it will supply its own snail offspring for the next year's rearing cycle. With this step, the optimum and single quality of snails is accomplished. Consequently, after its first year operation, with the most effective mating methods, GEOSNAIL company will be in a position to supply both its snail farm units and its exterior business associates all the necessary certified snail offspring.