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The initial investment of GEOSNAIL company concerns the establishment of the 3 closed-type snail farm units in the privately owned farm. The 3 units are joined together and they cover an area of 1,5 acres with a total capacity up to 30 tons of snails.

This large capacity in a such small area has accomplished with the utilization of the mechanism of the curtain system inside the snail farm units. This mechanism spares a space more than 10 times, resulting in the farming of a larger number of snails in a small area.

This efficiency is accomplished with the fact that when a curtain of 1 square meter is hanged vertically, it covers an area of about 1/10 of square meter at the ground, whereas in parallel it offers a total area of 2 square meters (1 square meter from one side and 1 square meter from the other side) for the snails' living. It is significant to notice that the vertical placement of the curtains does not influence negatively the movements and the rearing of the snails at all.

Thanks to the utilization of this revolutionary method, GEOSNAIL company possesses one of the most efficient and effective in capacity snail farm units in Greece.