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GEOSNAIL company was founded on 6 December 2012 with the legal name "KIOSSES I. & SIA O.E." by scientists of significant expertise, highly regarded in their field and started its operation at the beginning of 2013. Initially, GEOSNAIL company invested in the establishment of 3 closed-type snail farm units, attending all the legal procedures for their licensing and all the standards for the certificates of quality. The company is located in Greece, at the center of the Rodopi county with the capital of Komotini, at a nodal point near the borders of Europe with East and South.
The 3 snail farm units are established in a larger farm of 7 acres, privately owned by GEOSNAIL company and they cover an area of 1,5 acres. Inside the snail farm units, the revolutionary mechanism of the curtain system is applied, resulting in snail rearing capacity that reaches over 30 tons.
In parallel, GEOSNAIL company possesses the ability to increase its capacity over 40 tons of snails, with the contribution of its exterior business associate who possesses snail farm units of the same standards with GEOSNAIL company.
At the 5-year business plan of GEOSNAIL company which was composed with all the global standards by meritorious economists that company affords, the capital increase was scheduled at the end of the company's first year operation. The capital increase aims for additional investment and essentially to the doubling of the number of the snail farm units from 3 to 6. Thus, the total capacity of the snail farm units will reach over 60 tons of snails at the second year of the company's operation.

The main principles of GEOSNAIL company are:
  • The excellent professionalism in snails' sector
  • The absolute orientation to exports
  • The establishment of long-run partnerships with meritorious customers interested in large snail quantities
  • The optimum and single quality of snails
  • The most efficient and effective snail farming
  • The development policy with the coordination to the sector's demands

The vision of GEOSNAIL company is:
  • To establish its success in all levels substantiating the fact that even in period of big economic crisis in a country, the entrepreneurship is able to utilize opportunities
  • To establish its brand name in both interior and abroad as the progressive company with its high and consistent quality in all fields, from production to sales

The mission of GEOSNAIL company is:
  • To create a professional and effective mechanism of snail farming
  • To triple its capacity of snail rearing at the end of its operation's decade compared to the beginning, combining it with successful exports
  • To obtain effective exports with permanent customers in a yearly basis
  • To accomplish partnerships with other snail farmers in both interior and abroad